Neptune Marine Shipbuilding bv.

The Company was founded in 1972, and was one of the first GRP boat builders in the world.
20 Years ago, Neptunus started to develop a complete new production method and totally different philosohy. Six years of development later, Neptunus launched the first Elling Motoryacht. The model was based on over one hundred concept demands, gathered from thousands of water sports enthusiasts from around the world.
The company rebranded itself and changed their name into Neptune Marine Shipbuilding bv and production commenced ....

Never before was more time and money invested in the production of only one model motorboat. The boat, just under 15 metre, was designed according the prestigious CE- design category A: Ocean going and self-righting !!! (in 2008, three Elling owners successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean in only 16 days with three Ellings)

The model was indeed successful... and annual production stands at approximately 20 - 30 personalised Elling's per year.


Trawlerfest Anacortes

May 12th till May 17th.

Elling E4 on Show.

Newport Boat Show

May 14th / May 17th

Elling E4 on Show